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for all inquiries about hiring for art jobs, custom artwork, art job commissions, collaborative
projects, movies and books, artistic support for companies, and any other questions about hiring and providing work opportunities - 
Please write to Jasmine Gao here and she will reply to you within one day!  

All requests for commissioned art, customized artwork, commissions, scheduling your classes, and booking for projects will be responded to in the order as sent, if we are busy then an established associate will respond to you in the same day! If you would like to volunteer to work in our start up company, please provide a detailed description of who you are and how you can support, and we would love to include you in our artistic journey to creating better schools and an artistic renaissance revolution and help you develop a profoundly prolific amount of exceptional work to be cherished as heirloom treasures or simply for your own creative development and exploration of the world of arts


Lets connect!
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